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The Product Owner

According to the Scrum alliance the Product Owner is "a single person must have final authority representing the customer's interest ...". They are often described as a product visionary, and also as someone that has a lot of influence within an organization. That is to say that they are the final arbiter for the product. In short this individual has a tremendous responsibility and in many ways are responsible for the success (or failure) of the product. Unfortunately, in my experience, this is not how the the role is implemented. I believe a lot of this has to do with how software projects were run in the past. I've seen several common variations of how they they are often fulfilled. The first being the PO believes that they need to perform more as a Project Manager. They focus more on control, and trying to manage the team. This often comes from people with experience from pre-agile days that either don't fully understanding how the role is meant to implemente