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#NoEstimates Year in Review

The hashtag #NoEstimates was originated by Woody Zuill for "exploring alternatives to estimates [of time, effort, cost] for making decisions in software development." What began as a conversation between a few people ( Woody , Neil Killick , and Vasco Duarte ) grew into a much larger discussion. As the year 2015 is now over, let's take a look back at what we learned from the discussion. A lot of different people have participated, each bringing their own unique views and experiences. There is no single "#NoEstimates view"; what one person says doesn't represent the rest of the group. Some argue that estimates should be used more sparingly, others never at all, and yet others that suggest that only under certain circumstances . Despite the differences, there seems to be consensus on the following key points: Software project often fail. Perhaps the use (or misuse) of estimates play a role in this. Estimates are often turned into commitments. This mech